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making your fairy tail wedding dreams come true


Mountain Dog Ramblers presents

Ramble Down the Aisle,

Asheville's foremost wedding pet attendant and concierge,

making sure no paws are left behind on your wedding day and beyond. 

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It's your wedding day!

You're nervous and excited, and looking forward to making memories surrounded by loved ones, four-legged and all. Your pup has been with you through everything else in life.

Why not your big day, too?

But are your sweet pup and wedding environment an ideal combo for a stress-free time? Or, instead of focusing on your nuptials, will you worry and wonder if Fido is being taken care of and isn’t off raising a ruckus somewhere?

Did Fido get fed and exercised and have enough water? Is Fido overstimulated and jumping on everything and everyone? Did Fido just make a deposit in the middle of the aisle? Is Fido doing that weird thing you've never seen another dog do?

And what was that they just rolled in?

Where is Uncle Larry?? He's supposed to be watching Fido!!


These are not the things you want to concern yourself with on one of

the biggest days of your life, and yet it just wouldn't be the same without

your fur baby there by your side.

With our combined 35-plus years of experience in pet care and hospitality

—covering too many weddings to count—

we understand the stress that can be involved and get that there is no room for a one-size-fits-all approach to either your wedding day or the care of your fur baby.

Ramble Down the Aisle

works with you to tailor a plan specific to you and your pup's needs. We'll bring your vision of including your pup on your wedding day to life, minus all the stress.

Whether you choose to include your fur baby as your pup-of-honor, flower dog, or simply in attendance as an honored guest, we will be on hand to ensure they have everything they need to be content and relaxed.

We've got Fido covered, from photos to exercise, belly rubs, walking down the aisle, potty breaks, and the first dance. With us as your pup's plus one, you'll be free to have your best friend's paws by your side while thoroughly enjoying your special day worry-free.

Give yourself peace of mind and Uncle Larry a break.

Put your paws in the best hands, and let us help you ramble down the aisle to your

fairy tail wedding.

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